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A Spring Prayer

A Spring Prayer

Holy One,
I am longing for Spring, for warmer days, for green, for dirt to work, for growing things.
I need a greening of my heart and soul, fresh thinking, new buds of hope.

As I clear the garden of brown and wilted stalks and grasses (and the annual reminders of the price of loving my dog!), help me clear the useless, love-choking detritus that has accumulated in my inner garden over this past year-over many years.
I want to throw old grievances into the compost to break down into forgiveness and love.
I want to gently brush the dirt from those promising shoots of new understanding of Your will for me.
I need to dig up the hard packed clay of assumptions and prejudices that block my loving others freely, especially those different than I am.  Especially those I don’t understand.

Please, Holy One, help me grow new seeds of love, wisdom, justice, unity and understanding.  Let them flower bountifully in my parched winter soul.  Let them be like dandelions – stubborn and indestructible!
And may I ask these blessings for all your people, for all your hurting world.

I love you.  I thank you.

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