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Come Home

Meditation through Nature
Our spiritual path to eternal life passes through the Pascal Mystery to Easter glory. Join me in a meditation through nature reflecting on that journey.
Come Home
My tender heart is encouraging you, as you hide in the depths of your being.
      I called, you listened and followed me!
We journeyed together through green forests, filled with life and energy; yellow flowers bursting through the dark earth, showing you a glimpse of my love.
     I called, you listened and followed me!
Green leaves decorate the trees: tiny holes announce the newness of life.
    Come, listen to my whisper and follow me!|
The strong dark acorns perched on the branches proclaim my power and strength. The rough bark protects my delicate inner fibre. Your rough mask protects your loving heart from the world of sin.
     Trust in my grace and follow me!
The leaves, brown and yellow are stamped with pain, disease and death. They cry of the suffering in the world – of loneliness, separation and betrayal. The half eaten acorn discarded on the path – marginalized, left to die.
     Into your hands I rest my spirit.
It is over; death has come.  Decayed and destroyed I am left to join the earth.
WAIT – LOOK – LISTEN – FEEL – a tiny white feather.
     Oh my precious one – I called, you listened. Follow me and come home!
May the Easter blessings stay with you all year round!

About the Author
The Mustard Seed is the parish blog written by a group of our very own parishioners of St. Joseph Church.

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