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Contemplation on the Nativity

Contemplation on the Nativity

Lord Jesus,
On this day so long ago, You were born to the Virgin Mary,
A human child wrapped in swaddling cloth.
Did You cry out as You were brought into the world?
Did the cool night air shock your little body just newly born?
Did Your Mother Mary gaze lovingly upon this little bundle of joy?
Did she thank her Heavenly Father, once again, for choosing her?
Did Joseph hurry to form a bed from a manger?
Did he lovingly layer straw in it, and then cover it with a warm sheep skin?
Did Your Mother nestle You in the bed and hum gently as You fell asleep?
Did they both look upon Your face as You slept,
Happy that You had been born and all was well. . .
For the moment, oblivious to the fact that they were sheltered in a stable behind an inn,
A stable where only animals had lain.
Now the newborn King lay fast asleep basking in the love of his parents.
Were You so proud, Heavenly Father of Your choice of a mother for Your Son,
And of an earthly father to care for them both?
Did You look upon them and smile:  “Good job all!” ?
Did You then send the Angels, to joyously sing over all the earth:
“Glo-o-ria, In Excelsis Deo !”
Will we remember to thank You for His birth . . .
This greatest gift of all, a Savior to redeem us?

Prepare my heart, dear Jesus.  It too is no more than a stable.
You are welcome here, O Savior, blessed Redeemer!
Joy to the World, the Lord is come.
Let earth receive her King.
Let every heart prepare Him room . . .

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