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The Dancer

dancerThe Dancer
She is light, lithe and limber as she dances with the waves. She spreads her skirt in a curtsy greeting as she begins to twirl and twist into the lapping ocean. As she prances, bows and plunges into the rhythm of her dance, the waves embrace her toes, ankles, thighs and hips. Suddenly, she is knocked over and is covered by white foam. I gasp! Where is she? Is someone watching her; protecting her? Just as suddenly, her head bobs up. She basks in the receding water, rolling in the sandy residue. She seems at rest, pausing as she stretches her arms and legs, wiggling with delight. As if in slow motion, her body springs into a cartwheel and in complete trust and joy her laughter is swallowed by the love of life.
I long to dance!
*Do you have a desire to dance, to hold hands with the Divine and partake in the mystery of Divine love?
*Do you have a desire to dance, to abandon old hurts and leap into the compassion of forgiveness?
*Do you have a desire to dance, to hear a new song of freedom and move to the melodic rhythm of Divine love?
Come let us dance!
St. Joseph’s Church offers us many opportunities to belong to the dance of community. Please check out the website for areas where you can offer your gifts and where you can nourish your continued growth in faith and community. Blessings

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