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The Vibrant Vineyard

The Vibrant Vineyard

The seasons are a reminder of God’s faithfulness and steadfast promises as they follow a natural cycle. Each season presents us with an opportunity to sink into the love of the Creator with the gifts offered to us. During October, our gospel messages invite us into the vineyard of God’s kingdom with an array of colors, smells, tastes, sounds and the crisp autumn air promising winter rest. God has placed us in an abundant vineyard where every tree, flower, rock and stream bursts with joy. The animals begin their autumn preparation and relish the fruits of the vineyard. It is as if all of nature knows this is their last hurrah before the inevitable arrival of winter.

We are the tenants of this vineyard and we have been created and ordained to care for it and produce fruits. Pope Francis is appealing for our help to be faithful and steadfast stewards. How are you sharing your wealth and gifts with others less fortunate? How are you serving to make the vineyard vibrant? Jesus shows us the way of love, compassion, forgiveness and humility. Are you cultivating these gifts in the vineyard of your heart so it can be shared with others?

As we labour in the vineyard, “sing to the Lord who has been bountiful with me, “(Ps 12) and hold fast to the promise of Jesus – “Come to me, all who labour and are burdened and I will refresh you.” (Mt 11)

As diligent stewards, we can indeed help to make a vibrant vineyard!

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The Mustard Seed is the parish blog written by a group of our very own parishioners of St. Joseph Church.

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