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True Colours

True Colours

Wandering along a forest path on a glorious October day in Michigan, I revelled in the reds, pinks, oranges and golds of the turning leaves.  Aging… how beautifully they do it:  the green mask of chlorophyll seeps away and their true colours appear. Then a dance on the wind and freedom.  My aging seems a bit different, Lord.  Each new wrinkle comes with a free memory lapse or joint ache.  I feel less graceful, slower, less useful……

I hear laughter in the chatter of the leaves dancing around my feet and an inner voice whispers hope and truth:  “If I live in you, and you in me, your aging will be as beautiful as these leaves.  For what is revealed as youth slips away and a faithful soul ages is simply more of ME, and I am Love.  I am your true colour.  You are beautiful.

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The Mustard Seed is the parish blog written by a group of our very own parishioners of St. Joseph Church.

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