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When Light Overcomes Darkness

Happy Easter! This year, as usual, the Easter Vigil was a feast of beauty and blessing. One of the most beautiful moments was when light overcame the darkness as, candle by candle, participants passed on the light of Christ. Days later, a friend posted a photograph of that moment on Facebook. The photo shows the sanctuary from the front doors. What I noticed was how the whole church was lit up by the combined effect of the individual candles. The whole sanctuary was bathed in a bright, warm golden light that stood out in sharp contrast to the dim, cool blue light coming in the windows from the world outside. What a beautiful and powerful sight! I was immediately reminded that this image is a perfect metaphor for what we do as Christians when we are living as the “light of Christ”. Individually, we can do little. But with Christ in our hearts, together as the Body of Christ, we can change the world! When Christians live as Christ taught, we light up the darkness that has always pervaded the world since the days of Adam and Eve. Too often we wonder if we make a difference. The truth is, as individuals, we may not make much of a difference. However, as a people of faith we have a huge effect as the candles at the Easter Vigil demonstrated so powerfully. Christianity is lived in community. Faith is personal, but it is never private. St. Teresa of Calcutta reminds us that we are not called to be successful; we are called to be faithful, doing small things with great love. In this Easter Season may we join with other Christians and boldly hold the light of Christ for all the world to see. Bless you all!

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